Dasa means ten while Aksara means is the alphabet is the letter. So the dasa aksara means ten letters and ten words to connect and absorb the light of God in generating and absorbing the forces of nature through the ten directions. Dasaksara in Bali is an ancient science that has been passed hundreds of years by the ancestors through various ancient scriptures (palmyra) bali. There are many teachings in it and how to use them in various aspects of life. Ten holy letters are:

SA, BA, TA, A, I, NA, MA, SI, WA, YA.

Which means that Sa is satu or one, Ba = Bhairawa (adopts tantric yoga), Ta = tandawa / behavior, A = ya means true, I = IDEP means mind = NAMA means Name, SIWA means Siva God, YA means yes. So with the name of Shiva in the conduct of yoga then it will get up reel spindle and go into the natural energy of body and soul and mind. Surya Chandra Bhuana developed this concept in conducting various training. So that will be able to control all thoughts, words and deeds into something right action by the rules.