Dasa Muka

Dasa Muka is the continuation of the level dasa sila, after studying dasa sila will continue with the ten movements of Dasa muka. Dasa Muka is combination of movements from dasa sila that have artistic value, reflexes and movement speed and accuracy of movement. Read More

Daya Bayu, the Ten Power

Lessons drawn from the Dasa Bayu ancient book that The concept 10 wind power from Hanoman God (Hindus God) to absorb the forces of nature through movement and breath though. wind power means that if we are able to master this science will be able to absorb our bodies and will lead to the extraordinary power that can be used by a specialist for self-protection from a variety of health problems, protect yourself from negative aura, mental as well as strengthen our spirit, emotions hold and be energy medicine, strengthen the heart and prolong life and anti aging. Read More

Dasa Murti

Dasa murti is ten movements combined with breathing controling techniques to generate five basic core body strength which consists of water, fire, wind, ether, earth and iron.5 strength is at the basis of the various organs of our bodies, inside our bodies are feeling the heat sourced from the fire, there is blood that comes from water, soil and iron element there is a basic power source, and there is gas to regulate the digestive system and wind as a source pulse. Through movements and breathing were the core strength of this foundation we are able to awaken from its lowest point until the summit so that they can be used as a source of mental strength and spirit. Read More

Dasa Aksara

Dasa means ten while Aksara means is the alphabet is the letter. So the dasa aksara means ten letters and ten words to connect and absorb the light of God in generating and absorbing the forces of nature through the ten directions. Dasaksara in Bali is an ancient science that has been passed hundreds of years by the ancestors through various ancient scriptures (palmyra) bali. There are many teachings in it and how to use them in various aspects of life. Ten holy letters are: SA, BA, TA, A, I, NA, MA, SI, WA, YA. Which means that Sa is satu or one, Ba = Bhairawa (adopts tantric yoga), Ta = tandawa / behavior, A = ya means true, I = IDEP means mind Read More