Crystal Chakra Healing is a systematic holistic treatment using a Crystal healing, pendulum, Tibetan bowl and combine with a unique Balinese therapeutic massage, inner energy treatment and spiritual healing to give a deep holistic healing to the body, mind and spirit. It is good for those who need deep therapy due the both acute and chronic problems of fatigue, asthenia, poor spirit, weakness, general tensions, and aching. It rebalances and refreshes the system in the body, mind and spirit. Starting with consultation with the teacher about spirituality, healing, life problems, energy reading, chakra diagnosis with crystal pendulum and sound of Tibetan bowl treatment to out of your negative energy from your body continues with Balinese therapeutic massage uses a unique technique of massage that works on the muscle, tendon, blood circulation, lymphatic and vital energy systems, all at the same time for the some parts of body, beginning with the feet, back, hands, shoulder and head massage incorporating, an inner energy treatment and spiritual healing, the treatment close with raise energy level in the body and spirit with energy prana / reiki treatment.

Treatment Duration : 90 minutes

Price : USD 100

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Crystal Chakra