Ida Bagus Agung Surya Kusuma

Bagus Agung

Ida Bagus Agung

Some of friends and guest in his working call him Bagus, but in her family and student in SCB call his name Agung. He is sun of the founder (Alit). He has experienced in some hotels to teach yoga and doing holistic healing. He learns principle of yoga and Balinese culture with his father and some holly priest. He was worked in Turkey and also UEA as holistic therapist in the hotel. Now he works in five stars hotel as supervisor Holistic healing and wellness program.



Dayu Citra

Ida Ayu Citra
Citra is daughter of SCB founder. She is born in Denpasar – Bali 15th of July 1985. She learn basic of martial arts and meditation with her father. After finished of graduated University she focus learning yoga with some teacher and following seminars about yoga and wellness program. Now she opens the yoga and wellness studio and holistic healing at Tuban – Kuta (near the airport). Citra husband also learn and student at SCB and active in organization. She has one daughter. She also teaches yoga in some hotels and developing art and Balinese culture with some guest foreigners.




Wayan Elly

Ni Wayan Elly
Elly is smiles ladies, she always smile and easy going and enjoys the lives. She has 1 children boy.She learn and to be student in SCB since 2008. she very seriously learn about yoga, Bayu suci (Balinese tai chi), pranayama (Balinese Qi gonk) and meditation. Finally Alit (founder and great teacher) give her instruction to teach some Tourist foreigner in some hotels to teach that program. Her body is flexible so it easy to do some yoga core poses. Until she still active learn in SCB not only yoga but also live philosophy, culture, and many more, she very interest when founder discussing and talking about spiritual and circle lives.




Her name is Leny, She comes from singaraja north of Bali and now She lives in Denpasar. She is a friendly mom, She has 2 children already. She really loves yoga and She learned yoga in Surya Candra Bhuana since 2012. She is very interested with yoga and She would loved to share her skill to the others.


She is a friendly girl, graduated at University of Hindu Indonesia, she studied Education of Hindu. She really loves yoga, she learned yoga since she was in the University in 2010. then right after she finished and graduated at the university, she joined us, Surya Candra Bhuana to learn further and gain experience of Yoga and improve her skill. She is very interested with yoga and she would loved to share her skill to others.



She is a simple and always smile to face this life. she graduated from University of Hindu Indonesia. She was interested to yoga when she started a college in 2010. She loves yoga because yoga could provide both physical health, mind and soul. With the yoga skill that she has, she joined in the Surya Candra Bhuana, she wants to share yoga with others so that everyone can feel the benefits of yoga itself. Besides, she also want to learn and explore yoga further and improve her skill.