Healing and Happiness Meditation

Meditation is combination controlling of breathing, focus and concentration, energy movements to refresh your mind and body fell love happiness and intuition. If you lead stressful lifestyle, it is important to learn to switch off at the end of a busy day with therapies or practices that can easily be incorporated into your lifestyle. Never use lack of time as an excuse to prevent yourself from meditating. Make the time one of the most effective ways to manage stress is thoughts the age – old practice of meditation. It focuses your thought and is a great way to calm your mind and body. There are many different movement technique of meditation such as Giri Bhuana (health meditation), Samadhi (enlightenment / peace, love, happiness meditation), Read More

Bayu Suci, The Balinese Tai Chi

Bayu that means power, suci that means holly (nature), so bayu suci is spiritualism exercises as known as Tenaga dalam ( inner power) by Balinesse practices. That combines Balinese dance and some exercises technique to promote total well being. It has been proved regular practice of bayu suci relaxes and de – stresses the muscles and nervous system, boosts metabolism and enhances the power of the immune system. It also improves posture, flexibility and circulation. Bayu suci involves following as series of slow movements: 7 of them in the shorter sequence takes about 60 minutes to complete this exercise. Our instructor will repeat the exercises until you remember. And 12 movements in the longer sequence. These movements help balance the flow of energy (chi) Read More