Energy Yoga Bali | Surya Candra Bhuana

The founder was born in Denpasar Bali, Indonesia on 11th September 1956. Since elementary school he studied self defense activities in both through self-defense schools and trained directly with a master of self-defense. After Senior School, the author actively studied about Kanuragan/Kebatinan (spiritualism) knowledge through self-teaching and also practiced with spiritual teachers to learn their principles. He also began active learning of Yoga with master from Yogis India and Bali.

After graduating from Senior School, the founder went to Java island including and other cities on the island to apply for jobs. During his adventures on Java islands the author avoided any temptations both spiritual and physical ones that would stop his search for knowledge experience. A few years later, a letter arrival from Bali that encouraged him to return to his home island. Finally, on 20th May 1994 the Founder established a school name Perguruan Surya Chandra Buana (School of Inner Power and martial arts) in Denpasar. On 25th May 2004, and has obtained its inventory number from Culture and Tourism Ministry through the Balinese Historical Research Board and is listed as one of schools of Balinese origin certified by The Government. The Founder is currently active as a subject matter expert seminar conducted by government, media (electronic ones) both in Bali and outside Bali. Until now the school of SCB has members spread all over Bali, throughout Indonesia and even overseas.

Its branches have also opened all around. The Founder is still active teaching meditation and yoga of Balinese origin to visitors and foreign tourists in some hotels in Bali.