Pain on the respiration duct, there are many occurrences in society. For example like difficulty to breathe, asthma, influenza, flu and so on. For difficulty to breathe or asthma, these are not easy to recover. And normally it is caused by genetic factors as well as air allergy. Such as dirt or in cool area, so asthma difficulty breathing will slave again.

Through this we can express that most of members of the Surya Chandra Buana are those who suffered from diseases especially pain on the respiration duct. After they train regularly, they feel better and better and their diseases can recover. As experienced by one of member Surya Chandra Buana, Buleleng branch, she is from Bubunan village, she told the writer about her disease. Before entering into membership in Surya Chandra Buana, she had hard breathing problems. When it is nighttime, her disease always appears, making Mrs. Made not sleep well. After learning about the breathing exercises of Surya Chandra Bhuana, she felt different. Her disease seldom occurs now, both at night and when it is cool. For this reasons he always spends her time training, both training at home and coming from Bubunan to SIngaraja by motor cycle to join training with her friends. Up till now she is a member of Surya Candra Bhuana of Buleleng regency branch.

It is necessary to tell here, that respiration processing of Giri Bhuana Meditation is good for health, self protection and medical treatment. This is for self help and to assist friends who need help.