After conducting respiration of Giri Bhuana Meditation and the continuation of Ida respiration or Pingala, it would be better if you ingested holy water/purified water. For this purpose you need for the following preparation :

a. Glass containing water (pure water)
b. Dupa (incense stick)
c. Flower

The three facilities are symbols of God / Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa in His manifestation as Brahma (the fire/dupa), Visnu (water) and Iswara (flower). With these facilities, we request to Him in order to be blessed. They are for healthy medical treatment and so on. As the requested water is accompanied by praying words/Mantra has magic super power. It is proved by scientist from Japan who examined common water with the water filled with praying words / Mantra.

Every water has indeed Hydrogen and Oxygen in a group chemical molecule. But after this water is filled with praying words / mantra, these groups are changed by forming the geometric crystal structure. This is the secret, why water filling with praying words / mantra having magical power for healthy and medical treatment.
So it is not surprising if wherever many shaman uses water for cures, as the main facilities in addition to other facilities are these magical words. To request holy water / purified water, if already prepared, so continued with the following :

a. Put flower into glass that has contained water.
b. Light the dupa/incense stick, and put on glass
The position to request does not always in seating one (cross-sitting), but it is permitted in sleeping.
The most important one is that requesting holy water / purified water with sincere and honesty.

Lift the glass containing water, flower and dupa, with left hand. Whilst dupa in light outside glass was pulled by fingers of left hand. Lift it in front as height as mouth. Then right hand with palm of hand open (while inhaling breath) toward rights side as height as shoulder with palm of hand toward top. The breath inhaled through nose, to be held on chest, while saying praying words / Mantra in the heart. Next the breath is brought to stomach and to be held for a few second, finally from stomach nack to have breath on chest.

When the breath on chest, right hands is moved toward glass and cover the glass. Continued by inhaling through mouth inserted in glass, with opening part or around the fingers covering the glass. Then back to inhale the breath through nose, with right hand back to right side with the palm of hand to top. Thus it is conducted simultaneously three times. Next as the last movement, the two hands hold a glass as height as the forehead to request bless. To request holy water / purified water, here the writer serves some praying words / mantra based on Surya Chandra Buana as follows :

Om, nirmala gangga ye namah swaha

But for those of non-Hindu, it is advisable to use mantra as their religion.

Say Mantra into glass
After completion for requesting holy water / purified water, this water spread to head, put on hands and to be drunk. It can also this water to be given to someone else who need medical aids.
That is the procedures to request holy water / purified water, in the hope that the writer suggest for the beloved readers to be able to be close to God / Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, through praying and Bakti and piety.