Soul blessing is created by a holy priest and holistic master from Bali. Alit, the Guru, is from a holy priest family (Brahmana). When a person has problems with health, limited energy and needs peace and happiness in their live, Soul Blessing will provide purification for the body and mental spirit. Starting with techniques of concentration, controlling of breathing and basic meditation to connect the light and absorb the universal energy for love and happiness, the blessing continues with clearing the body and spirit of negative aura with a energy prana / reiki treatment.

This is combined with pure holy water (with young coconut water, sea water, river water, lemon grass, lotus petals flower, rose petals, and some other flowers within one place). The Guru will them engage in an initiation program to charge you with positive energy from the universe and raise the energy levels in the body. The last session is a consultation with the teacher about spirituality, healing, life problems, energy reading and more. Join in the Soul Blessing Journey and feel the benefits of nourishment to and calming of your body, spirit and mind.

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Price : IDR 1.500.000

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